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VIS-3D Stereo AOI

Method Line Scan 3D AOI
(Stereo 3D inspection machine using two line scan
camera located in the left and right)
Image acquisition Line CCD(Color)
Measurement interval for
scanning direction
10um (option)
Optical resolution for
x-axis and y-axis
10um (option)
Optical resolution for z-axis 5um (option)
Maximum measurement gap for
2mm (option)
Measurement FOV 40mm (option)
Measurement speed 40mm x 50mm/s (option)
Program Specification and function
OS Win7 64bit, Win10 64bit
Minimum PC requirement i5 2500K, 16G Ram, GTX1060, 128G SSD
Motion control Stage motion control and jog function
Camera control Live, Sanp, Image Save / Open function
Stereo Stereo rectification, 3D synthesis, 3D real color,
visualization, 3D map, 2D and 3D measurement,
3D volume measurement, 2D Area measurement
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