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Printer Specifications
Printing Technology Liquid Pumping
Main Body Dimension 580 x 535 x 530 mm
Maximum Build Dimension 100 x 100 x 50 mm
Use Materials Biogel, Hydrogel, Alginate, Bio Live Cell, Photo Curing Type Material,Collagen, and other high viscosity solution
Support File Format Stl, obj
Warranty service 1 year: Free repair service within the warranty service period
Particular area mapping Selective mapping for an area designated by an user
Partial area printing Selective printing of an area designated by an user
Waste dish When setting the discharge conditions, start from Waste Dish position,
Supporter (Scaffold) design Select a 3 dimensional supporter structure
Temperature Control Control the temperature of bio materials
Anti-contamination system Prevent contamination from outside environment during printing-out
High- viscosity material discharge Syringe pump and screw pump